Browser games 2021

World of Tanks – Best browser games

World of Tanks is a popular MMO game in which players take command of armored vehicles from the Second World War and the Cold War and take part in dynamic skirmishes with a team of opponents. Each participant of the game controls one vehicle – belonging to five categories with different parameters – and together with the team he tries to fulfill one of two main tasks: eliminating enemy tanks or taking over strategic points on the map – usually the enemy team’s base. Special game modes related to the holiday season or historical events are also available temporarily. World of Tanks offers access to over 500 models of armored vehicles, sorted by nationality and specialization – light, medium, heavy, self-propelled artillery, and tank destroyer – which the player unlocks in the course of subsequent battles. World of Tanks is classified in the “MMO Simulation” category, however, the game, in addition to the realistic appearance of the vehicles, focuses more on quick skirmishes, rather than faithfully reproducing the battlefield of the mid-twentieth century.

Football Team – Online browser games

Football Team is an interesting football game for which we only need a web browser. There is an option to play both singles and with friends. Our task is to create our player, choose his position, and then continuous, systematic development. It is worth adding that it is only up to you what progress your player will make. It also influences the development of … the entire team! You set tactics and decide what plan to implement at a given moment in the match. This is great news for all sports team management enthusiasts. In addition to achieving better and better results and gaining new trophies, we can even expand the stadium, among other things. There are also three types of packs in the game – Bronze, Silver and Gold. They are earned for progressing in the game. And the prizes in them are really useful for creating a team, because you can even find a T-shirt. So you don’t have to worry that after some time Football Team will get bored, because there are so many attractions in it!

Game of Thrones – Good browser games

Game Of Thrones will surely be a treat for fans of the world created by George R.R. Martin, but not only. If you want to change something in the situations shown in the popular series or novels, this gameplay will give you just that option! This game is an extension of the HBO series. Six stories related to the House of Forrester are presented throughout the game. During the game, the player takes on the role of family members and thanks to them he plays the next episodes of the story. The gameplay has a wonderful graphic design that faithfully reflects the world presented in the series and novels. We will also encounter heroes who were transferred alive from the TV screen to the game. A huge plus that the game developers offer us is the free first episode. Thanks to it, we can get to know the game world and decide whether we want to spend money on new adventures. This is a great option provided by the manufacturer because it will keep you from being disappointed after spending the amount. Let yourself be drawn into the whirlwind of amazing events by playing as a character from your favorite HBO series!

Cuisine Royale – Best web browser games

Cuisine Royale is a battle royale game – a brutal multiplayer shooter with realistic weapons, lots of traps and puzzles where the best wins. Unlike the classic games of the genre, in Cuisine Royale you will fight with the help of kitchen tools and household appliances! You will start the game in underwear only, and your task will be to survive, so all holds are allowed. You’ll have to stay in the battlefield, which will shrink over time. Only the strongest will survive! Get ready to carry your gear in grocery bags or run around with a colander on your head. Also, be careful not to get hit by the frying pan or the meat tenderizer. From now on, you have to find each weapon yourself. You can also open lootboxes, which are completely free, and inside you will find exactly what was included in the description. There are many magic elements in the game, thanks to which you can slow down your opponent or set a trap. Originally meant to be just a joke, this game has gained a huge fan base. It is a breath of fresh air in its genre.

War Thunder – Web browser games

War Thunder is a very popular, multiplayer war simulator, allowing players to fight both in the air, on land and in water. You can sit at the controls of hundreds of machines, imitating real vehicles that took part in many battles – from the Second World War to modern ones. The game offers many modes that will satisfy not only fans of military simulators, but also those looking for a dynamic and fun gameplay. It is also possible to play in the campaign mode, in which we fight alone or with friends, in scenarios imitating historical battles. Frequent improvements and updates ensure that the graphics do not differ from the one found in newer productions. The developers chose the free-to-play model, so everything can be obtained for free. However, you can use the micro transaction system to speed up the process of acquiring equipment. Everyone will find something for themselves, both fast plane clashes, fierce fire exchanges of ship guns and tactical tank battles.

World of Warships – Online browser games with friends

“World of Warships” is a game that offers us a unique gameplay. Players will surely experience unforgettable emotions during the team game. In the game, it is very important to perform tasks within the team. World Of Warships is a team game where the movements of the fleet should be consistent otherwise everyone will go down one by one. During the game, everyone has a role: battleships are tasked with killing, cruisers protect battleships from attacks, destroyers have to recognize the situation and sometimes torpedo. The player can also assume the “form” of an aircraft carrier. His task then is to maneuver in such a way as to be close to the main forces at the same time, but he should also stay away from the enemy forces, because he does not have his own cannons or even armor. During the game, the most important thing is to play a common maneuver, position and formation – so that everyone cooperates with each other and does not leave anyone behind. Players can certainly feel like commanding real ships during a naval war.

Warframe – Best online browser games

Warframe is a browser action game that was released in Europe and around the world on March 23, 2013, Warframe focuses on cooperation between players. The game is free but uses micro transactions. The title allows us to embody the representatives of the Tenno race, who are cybernetic ninja warriors. The title Warfeames are special armor that allows you to use skills and weapons that were previously unavailable to Tenno. This allows the Tenno to fight the Grineers oppressing their race. The game is not focused on competition between players, it focuses on cooperation between players. In groups of four, they carry out missions, fighting against artificial intelligence. It is a dynamic FPS game. The game was created by Digital Extremes studio, which is also the creator of The Darkness II. Warframe is a free-to-play title, i.e. offering users free gameplay. Some features in the game are not available, we can get them by using the micro transaction function, i.e. simply purchase additional features.

Star Conflict – Top browser games

Star Conflict is a free, multiplayer browser game that takes place in outer space. The main task of the player is to control spaceships by playing different roles. During the game, you constantly improve your skills and improve your tactical skills. The game has two modes: in the first one you play against other logged in people, usually in two teams. In the second one you fight in special missions with characters controlled by the game system. Star Conflict is very extensive: you can choose from 9 original scenarios, special missions, multiple characters, construction mode and spaceships straight from cult science-fiction movies: destroyers, frigates, fighters or interceptors. The plot of the game is also interesting: it takes place in a galaxy divided between military star empires and mercenary groups, with the ruins of a great ancient alien civilization in the background. Impeccable graphics and believable elements of the world make you feel like in a movie.

Crossout – Browser based games

Crossout is a Russian MMO game developed by Gaijin Entertainment. It is an action game with a post-apocalyptic storyline. Take part in exciting PvP battles. Build your machines from many types of available parts and upgrade them to be an invincible player. Also, get weapons that will greatly help you in the battles you fight. You can also exchange items with other players as well as use the market. The plan for a given battle is also very important, as the equipment alone is not enough. Create the smartest tactics, attack wisely and defend yourself carefully, and finally enjoy the big victory! Over time, you can unlock not only new items, but also new factions. The game is refined in every detail, the realism of the fight is at a high level. You can not have any objections to the graphics, which perfectly puts us in the atmosphere of the plot. Crossout is the perfect option to play on your own, as well as to spend a great time with friends, where there will be no place for boredom.

Raid: Shadow Legends – Browser games 2021
Browser games with friends

“Raid: Shadow Legends” is a browser game that offers players a huge amount of heroes to collect, and also provides interesting graphics. The game allows for epic battles, creating your own team, and even competing with other players. Our very important goal during the game is to collect heroes. In “Raid: Shadow Legends” we are dealing with real characters, not with cards as in other similar games. By creating a team, they help us in performing tasks and fighting in the arenas. The entire game begins with the heroes’ battle with the dragon, which gives the player a taste of what awaits him later in the game. Focusing on graphics, we can praise the game for its high resolution and well-designed heroes. Each character has its own special characters and uses, such as strength or attack. The game also provides our heroes with items that we can “dress” them with. They obviously give them stronger attributes and are adapted to the style of their fight.

The development of the Internet has significantly influenced the entertainment market. New interesting browser games are created almost every month, which can involve players in the virtual world for long hours. One of the types are browser games that, despite the passage of time, still enjoy a good reputation and enormous popularity.

What are online browser games?

Browser games, as the name suggests, only need a browser to be able to play them. Nowadays, practically every browser is good at launching such games. If we have the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, we should not worry about the technical aspects. Just a few or a dozen years ago, cool browser games required the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Currently, however, more and more browser games do not require the user to install additional extensions that may adversely affect the performance of our browser.

A dozen or so years ago, browser games were very often compared to bad computer games, which not only did not have an interesting graphic design, but many times did not have an interesting plot that would attract users for long hours. Along with the development and experience of the creators of browser games, they have jumped to a completely new level in recent years. A lot of games have interesting graphics, and their gameplay can encourage a multitude of players to play.

According to many experts, the success of browser games does not only depend on the graphics and plot. The promotion of the game plays a very important role here. Hundreds of new games come out on the market every day, and they have the same chance of becoming world famous in the beginning. Only thanks to an appropriate marketing plan, creators will be able to enjoy the revenues associated with it in the long run. Everything takes time, however, because creating a game and promoting it is definitely not a job for a few days.

Types of browser games

Of course, with the development of the industry, browser games 2021, in addition to low hardware requirements, also offer a number of types that we can play. Virtually all of us have favorite genres that we could play for hours. On the other hand, there are sure to be types of games we hate and avoid them. What are the most popular types of browser games?


MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) browser games allow many people to play during one turn. Browser MMOs very often take place in a special arena, where players have to defeat their opponents with their skills. Interestingly, a lot of professional tournaments are created, where the best players in this type of games can meet. Very often these tournaments are rewarded with very high cash prizes.

Browser MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is a sub-type of MMO games. Browser MMORPG, despite many similar rules, differs in several aspects. In most cases, browser MMORPGs are transferred to a 3D dimension that allows for an increased gaming experience. Then we feel as if we ourselves are the characters we control. Interestingly, browser MMORPGs were created much earlier than MMO games. According to many players, it was the MMORPG browser games that were their first choice immediately after getting acquainted with the world of the Internet. Thanks to a lot of fun and a low entry threshold, MMORPGs are still very famous not only among beginners, but also among advanced players.

Top browser games also have the option of paying extra for better equipment of our character. Rather, it is reserved for people who consider the game more than just mindlessly completing tasks.


RPG (Role-playing games) browser game is about impersonating a character who is entangled in a specific plot. The role of the player is, of course, to direct the character in such a way that the story is best completed with full development of skills. RPG browser games are characterized by the fact that very often there is no only way to solve a given problem in the game. The player very often has to decide for himself how to direct the character to achieve the desired effect. Browser RPG games are very addictive. Each completed task tempts us to spend a moment more on the game. One of the most important elements of this game is of course the story. Unless it is created by the authors in an appealing way, players will prefer to choose another game with a more interesting course of events.

Browser multiplayer games in the RPG theme are also sprinkled with various tournaments, where users can face not only other opponents, but also their weaknesses. Interestingly, the cash prizes in such tournaments are substantial, which means that some players become professionals and each day train for several or even several hours to be masters in their profession.

Arcade games

Arcade games have been very popular in recent years. Due to their simplicity and the lack of the need to constantly develop characters, arcade games on many websites are very often a separate type of games. The most popular arcade games are, of course, shooters. They consist in the fact that the player has to shoot the characters that appear on the screen every now and then. Very often, these characters also shoot at us and are additionally hidden behind obstacles, which regularly makes our task difficult. There are two types of shooters, i.e. FPS and TPS. FPS games are characterized by the fact that the plot is visible from the level of the shooter’s eyes. TPS games are a view from behind the hero. Virtually every player has their favorite mode, and the most popular browser games allow you to switch between these two modes.

Browser strategy games

Strategic browser games are an ideal solution for people who prefer maximum concentration and analytical thinking. Browser strategy games are not characterized by continuous action and explosions like others. Most often, we deal with managing a settlement or the entire country, and our task is to lead to military and economic power as soon as possible. Very often, a strategy browser game is also characterized by the presence of hostile settlements on the map that can attack us. Therefore, you should not only keep an eye on your own settlement, but also pay close attention to the movements of your opponents.

Logic games

Puzzle games are a great solution for people who want to train gray cells. Logic games can be a real way to relax after a hard day’s work. In many cases, good browser games in a logical theme require the player to solve a problem. After successfully completing the task, the user moves on to a new problem that is more difficult than the previous one. In addition to the analytical mind, time is also a very important aspect. Relatively often, for solving a task for too long, we risk losing points, which can significantly lower our rankings.

A multiplayer browser game relatively often takes the form of a quiz in which the user has to answer questions on a specific topic. In their case, time is also important, because the faster we answer a given question, the more points we get. Here, of course, in addition to analytical thinking, we will also need extensive knowledge on a given topic.

What are the best browser games?

Cool multiplayer browser games should primarily be accessible. Both laptop browser users and mobile users should be able to play the game without compatibility problems. Top browser games also have an interesting plot. More and more people prefer to choose games that have a very engaging storyline. For many players it is even more important than the graphic design itself. It is the curiosity of the plot that in many cases makes us want to come back to a given game every day. Multiplayer browser games are also a community of players who, in addition to the game, also want to meet interesting people. In many cases, the community groups on various types of portals to be able to exchange their experiences and comments about a given game. Alliances between players are also formed many times on such portals to make playing games much easier and more enjoyable.

Top browser games also have direct support from producers and developers. Virtually every browser game has bugs that need to be eliminated. Most often, producers are not able to cover the salary of a professional tester, so this obligation falls on players who view the game from cover to cover. Thanks to the efficient flow of information between the players and the producer, the game can get rid of many problems that may be an obstacle to free gameplay.

However, it should be remembered that online browser games are primarily a chance to escape from everyday problems. Many people take this assumption and decide to launch a game that will not only allow you to forget about the real world for a moment, but also allow you to achieve the goals set by the game.